Embedded Solutions &  VLSI Services

Fortech Microsystems Inc.  (Business unit of Fortech Software Consulting Inc.)provides application development / Embedded Systems Development and VLSI services.

ASIC/ FPGA Development:

Ø       IP Selection including Third Party IP Integration

Ø       VHDL/Verilog Coding and Verification

Ø       VHDL/Verilog Test Bench Generation

Ø       Top-level Simulation, Verification

Ø       Synthesis to Target Technology

Ø       IP Selection including Third Party IP Integration

Ø       Functional System Verification

Ø       Placement and Routing

Ø       Static Timing Analysis

Ø       Testing

Ø       FPGA to ASIC Migration

Ø       Foundry Selection

Embedded Systems Development

Impressive strides in the miniaturization of processing power have led to a proliferation of pervasive computing solutions. This trend has escalated the demand for software intended to run on constrained devices, as against a full-configuration personal computer. Some examples of such embedded systems include consumer electronic devices, automotive electronics, smart card / POS terminals, Internet access devices, network routers and switches, global positioning devices, and intelligent telemetry/control devices.

Digital Signal Processor Applications

Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) from leading chip manufacturers such as TI, Analog Devices and Motorola are enabling electronic equipment manufacturers to almost eliminate analog circuitry and build totally solid-state devices. Because of this, DSPs are increasingly finding applications across industry segments such as automotive, telecom, wireless, entertainment, Global Positioning Systems, process automation, medical equipment, and others.

Our DSP application focus areas include:

 Video and Audio encoders and decoders for different DSP architectures

 Image processing

 Modulators and demodulators for TI & Motorola processors

 Math library and DSP library functions for emerging processors

In these areas, we offer solutions that include implementation supported by architecture recommendations, application analysis, functionality verification, structured documentation, and technical support. Some typical solutions that we can be developed include:

 Wireless applications

 Real-time DSP algorithms

 Digital Video Broadcasting

 DSL Modems

 High-Performance audio solutions

Our goal is to analyze the client requirements and provides a detailed digital filter design as well as a comprehensive frequency response analysis and simulation. We will offer software implementations of filter designs to popular DSP chips. Our insight into architecture-specific CPU, memory, and power optimization enables us to develop more efficient algorithm implementations. We have in-depth knowledge of various DSP processor architectures and in development environments such as TI,s Code Composer Studio and Analog Devices, Visual DSP++. We understand that developing DSP applications is not just developing good software that functions well, but ensuring that they are highly optimized and efficient in performance. By effective use of innovative methodologies and strong engineering practices, we ensure that the products we develop are cost-effective and deliver high performance.