When you create video uses the NEW Touch Screen encoder the encoder needs to know several things, including The Name of the video, The Video Description, Copyright, Rating, the type of video compression, the compression profile, etc. With other encoding systems, you have to program all of these variables. But with the “SMART” on-line management software, the touch screen encoder just downloads the information for you.

Then after you have created the video you have to publish it on your web site.  Again with Tech Werks “SMART” on-line management software, it can do that for you.

Tech Werks “SMART” on-line management software, manages your account, which maintains your company information, managers all your videos, dynamically generates both your HTML/web pages, your RSS feed, builds the information for the next video that you are going to record or broadcast LIVE and manages the type of compression and compression profile – for each client.

Once you login to the management software, you can display all your videos, you will see the video information and a play counter. From here you can delete a video. Select Edit and you can edit the video information that is displayed. You can even select if you want a video published in your RSS feed or within your HTML pages. One powerful feature is you can add an Open and/or Close to any video. This way you don’t have to edit your videos to add an open or close. From the video page, you can capture the link to your video so you can use it on your own web page or in an e-mail. The management software also generates the HTML code to embed the video in your web pages.

When you create a new video, the Touch Screen encoder will automatically use your Default information for the video, which you can specify. But if you want to customize a new video you can select Next Video and type in the new information for the next video. The Touch Screen encoder will automatically download this new information for your next video.

If you want to create a new video manually, simply click Create Video and you can manually create a new video. You can also manually upload any video on the Touch Screen encoder.

Once you create your videos, you have to create links on your web site for people to watch them. If you don’t have a web designer on staff, you can use the HTML pages that are dynamically generated by the online management software. The management software generates two different HTML pages. One that list all your videos. This page can easily be embedded in your existing web site. The second list all your videos and your company name and address are at the top of the page. This can be used if you don’t a web site. Using the Management software you can even customize these HTML pages, change the font, the font color, background color, and link colors. This allows you to seamlessly integrate the Tech Werks HTML web page into your web site.

If you select to include the LIVE link on your HTML page, when you start the touch screen encoder to start broadcasting live, a Watch LIVE link is added to the top of both your HTML pages.

The on-line management software dynamically generates an RSS feed for each client. This allows your clients to subscribe to your RSS feed. There are many different RSS readers, there is even one included in Outlook. You can also use the RSS feed on your Google page, MyYahoo page, or my AOL to name just a few. Then when you publish a new video, anyone that is subscribed to your RSS feed will be notified of this new video.