Industry engineers have always believed that you need a wired Internet connection to stream video LIVE over the Internet, due to bandwidth restrictions and maintaining an uninterruptable connection. One of the features of Tech Werks EZcaster encoder is the ability to PUSH a video stream to one of Tech Werk’s video servers. Several other manufactures can PUSH video to a server but, if there is an interruption to the video stream or the Internet connection, the LIVE video stream stops. Tech Werk’s engineers have designed a system so when the connection between the EZcaster encoder and one of Tech Werk’s video servers is interrupted, the “system” is smart enough to reconnect and continue streaming. This interruption can be as long as 4 seconds without the viewer missing a single frame of video.

This technology makes it possible to stream LIVE over WIFI and 3G wireless networks. “We spent months researching and testing several different options to stream LIVE over WIFI and 3G networks and believe we have selected the best solution for all of our clients,” said Bill Baker, President of Tech Werks. “We actually have two solutions: First- the WIFI option is built-in to the EZcaster, for $100. This gives our clients the ability to use the EZcaster in places that a wired Internet connection is unavailable or the cost is not practical. Second- is our support for the new MIFI system. The MiFi is a 3G, WIFI access point allowing 5 devices to be connected. The EZcaster connects to the MIFI using WIFI and the MIFI connects to the Internet via 3G. By supporting the MiFID, our clients can select a wireless carrier of their choice, AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon wireless.”

These solutions provide our customers with tremendous freedom to create videos almost anywhere.

About Tech Werks, Inc.: Tech Werks ( develops technology that Werks for You. This technology ranges from streaming video to video productions, to archiving 35MM films to digital video.

Tech Werks newest products include EZCASTER – 7” Touch Screen Encoder This touch screen encoder is integrated with Tech Werks NEW “SMART” on-line video management system. This encoder is totally self-contained. All you have to do is connect power, the Internet, and an audio/video source and you can be broadcasting LIVE around the world via the Internet. You can also “Auto Publish” your videos for on-demand viewing. This encoder will change how corporations and private institutions reach the world with their messages.  The use of ANY wireless device is not one hundred percent reliable. Tech Werk’s claims are based on its testing and do not guarantee the EZcaster will work in ALL situations. In some situations, the user must select a low bite rate to stream live